Space Size

- Apr 14, 2019-

Space size is the basis for considering choosing the size and shape of a coffee table. If the space is not big, to the Oval Small coffee table for the best, soft shape, so that the space appears relaxed without a sense of cramped. If the space is too small to enlarge the coffee table will obviously not be appropriate, will appear that the coffee table has a noisy trend, large space put small coffee table, coffee table will appear insignificant. Generally speaking, in the relatively small space of the living room, suitable for the display of simple removable coffee table, can also be used curved coffee table, can make the space appear relaxed without a sense of cramped. In addition, the coffee table size should not be too large, color can not be too deep, fashionable is the best choice in small space. At the same time, the storage function is very strong, or can adjust the size of the coffee table, but also the best choice for small space.

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