Is The Leather Sofa Good Or The Cloth Sofa Good?

- Nov 18, 2019-

Is the leather sofa good or the cloth sofa good?

The living room is decorated with a sofa. When you buy the sofa, you can see the color and size, and the material. Among them, the choice of materials is crucial, the service life and texture of different materials are different. Generally, there are two kinds of sofa materials, leather sofas and cloth sofas. Which kind of material is better?

The sofa is an important piece of furniture for the living room decoration, and it is very good to use it to rest. The material used in the sofa is a key point. The sofas sold in general shopping malls are mainly leather sofas and cloth sofas, and the choice of what kind of sofa is a problem for friends. But the editor below will untie the entanglements for all of you, see if the leather sofa is good or the sofa is good?

One: the advantages and disadvantages of leather sofa

People who like leather sofas feel that it is very atmospheric, very luxurious and graded, and the texture and feel are also very good. It is not easy to get dirty when placed at home, even when it is dirty, it is very convenient. The life span of the leather is also relatively long, but the leather sofa has a disadvantage that it is easy to be smashed. If there is a cat at home, if it is a leather sofa, according to common sense, the sofa is basically abolished, and summer. It is very easy to sweat because the weather is hot, so it is very sticky on the sofa sitting on the leather in the summer. When it is winter, it will be cold and cold. In short, it is the same as the season. It is cold outside and cold outside. It is also hot outside. Compared with the fabric sofa, the price will be more expensive. Now there are many bad businesses that will be shoddy, so A lot of sofas will start to peel off after a long time.

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Two: the advantages and disadvantages of fabric sofa

The sofa of the fabric is more popular than the leather sofa. I don’t know if it is because of the price. Although the fabric sofa does not look like a leather sofa, it looks tall and tall, but the style and style of the fabric sofa is very Rich, can adapt to a variety of decoration styles, and the price is relatively cheap. However, the sofa of the fabric is particularly easy to be soiled. Although it can be removed and cleaned by itself, it is still a little troublesome in the end, so everyone will choose to buy a sofa cover to cover it. If it is dirty, it can be removed and cleaned. However, the individual still feels a little troublesome. Then there is a situation where the fabric sofa will be concave after sitting for a long time. It will also feel very hot when sitting in the summer. Because it is cloth, the comfort and texture feel are far worse. Leather sofa. In general, both sofas have their own advantages and disadvantages, or should be based on their own situation and personal preferences to make comprehensive considerations, if there are children or pets at home, it is recommended to choose a fabric sofa, if you want to pursue high-end luxury The style of the decoration is recommended to choose a leather sofa.

Three: maintenance of leather sofa

Although the leather sofa is relatively resistant to dirt and cleaning, its skin is expensive and delicate, so it is necessary to use it for a few years.

1, clean

The leather will absorb water, so don't wash it with water directly, let alone wash it. If you have fallen ash, you can wipe it with a clean soft cloth or a wrung wet towel. If it is a faux leather sofa, it has a certain waterproofness. Clean it with leather cleaner for about 2 to 3 months, or use a household vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust.

2, maintenance

The dermis is an animal skin, which is a cell inside. It will become dry or hard when used for a long time, so it is necessary to carry out regular care and maintenance. That is, the artificial leather is easy to crack after being used for a long time, so the leather sofa has to be raised. After the high-grade leather is cleaned, it will be on the surface with a layer of “skin simulation oil” or “leather soft care agent”. The cleaning treatment will be more clean and convenient, and it is not easy to draw pen oil such as ball pen and prevent mold. . Leather sofas should be placed in a well-ventilated environment, not wet or too dry, and not exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Another important point to note is that you should not scratch the leather with sharp or hard things. The leather is ground and cracked, which affects the appearance and service life. Therefore, treat the leather sofa gently, not like a hedgehog.

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Four: cloth sofa selection should pay attention to what

When we choose, we must first consider its size, we can measure the length of the wall at home. If you want to choose a corner, then you must know whether the door is left or right, avoid buying it but it is not suitable. Secondly, we have to consider the family's living habits, such as the father likes to watch TV, you can choose a sofa with a pillow, and the family guests can choose a movable sofa. If there is a naughty child in the family, we must pay attention to its elasticity when it is selected, and whether it is easy to deform. Children like to bounce on it, and it is easy to damage after a long time.

Another point is to consider whether the surface is wear-resistant and easy to clean. We can take a closer look at whether the density between its latitude and longitude lines is large or small, and it is not easy to deform. Or we can buy a set of sofa covers, which is more convenient to remove and wash.

After reading this article, all of you know whether the leather sofa is good or the sofa is good. We choose according to the characteristics of leather sofas and cloth sofas. Regardless of whether you choose a leather sofa or a cloth sofa, you usually remember to clean it regularly, otherwise the sofa will not be so glamorous for a few years.

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