How To Choose A Coffee Table

- Mar 26, 2019-

1. Shades of color: and calm, dark color of the wood furniture, it is suitable for the larger classical space.

2. Space size: space size is the basis for considering the choice of coffee table size. Space is not big, oval small coffee table for the best, soft shape, space appears relaxed without a sense of cramped. If in large space, you can consider in addition to the main sofa with the large coffee table, in the Hall of the single chair, you can also choose a higher edge, as a functional and decorative small coffee table, for the space to add more fun and change.

3. Safety performance: Because the coffee table is placed in the frequent movement of places, therefore, the treatment of table corners need to pay special attention to, especially when there are children in the family more attention.

4. Stable or mobile: Generally speaking, the sofa next to the large coffee table can not be moved frequently, so pay attention to the stability of the coffee table, and placed in the sofa handrail next to the small coffee table is randomly used in more cases, you can choose the style with wheels.

5. Pay attention to functional: coffee table In addition to the function of beautiful decoration, but also to carry tea sets, small food, etc., so also pay attention to its carrying function and storage function. If the room is small, you may consider purchasing a coffee table with a storage function or a closing function to adjust it according to the needs of the guests.