From The Material, What Are The Classification Of The Coffee Table?

- Jul 18, 2019-

From the material, what are the classification of the coffee table?

The coffee table is divided into materials, which can be generally divided into: glass coffee table, marble coffee table, wooden coffee table, rattan coffee table and so on.


1. The glass coffee table is fresh and clear. After the light is shining, it has a three-dimensional effect, which makes the space visual effect better and more energetic. The glass coffee table is full of energy and modern. There are also some carved glass, wrought-iron coffee tables that are more suitable for the classic style living room, perfect for matching American sofas.


2. The marble coffee table looks very fashionable, and easy to clean, the marble coffee table on the market is very popular, because it is durable, as long as the price is reasonable, many people will buy it directly. But in addition to the visual beauty, it is more important to pay attention to safety. Marble is radiation, and many people may not know this problem. Marble is divided into natural marble and artificial marble. The radiation of natural marble is very low, and it will not cause harm to the human body. The radiation of artificial marble is much larger and has certain damage to the human body. Therefore, when buying a marble coffee table, the price can be put aside first, and safety is more important.


white coffee table and end tables

3. Wooden coffee table gives a gentle feeling. The light wood coffee table is very suitable for matching with the popular light leather sofa or sofa; the carved or parquet wooden coffee table has a gorgeous beauty and is more suitable for classical space. The wooden coffee table has a beautiful texture and can convey a natural and simple feeling.


4. Rattan furniture gives people a fresh and simple feeling, simple and generous shape, pure hand-woven, exquisite craftsmanship, not only creates a sense of firmness for furniture, but more reflects a beauty from the exotic! The rattan artist has the characteristics of natural and environmental protection, giving the whole a simple and fresh feeling.