Coffee Table Features

- Mar 16, 2019-

1. Solid surface material, no pores, no penetration.

2. Absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no radiation, is can be in direct contact with food table;

3. Water, oil, stains, bacteria have a strong resistance, easy to clean.

4. Warm feel, resistance to heat and cold, impact resistance, rugged, non-deformation.

5. Good flexibility, plastic strong, can be heated bending molding, more to meet the customer's creative concept.

6. Each color with the same color glue, the plate can be stitched together seamless, strong processing (using woodworking tools can be processed, can be used mixed construction method, easy to polish a variety of lace), good repair (defect sag can be repaired, poor construction can be reorganized).

7. Product color colorful, there are net color, hemp color, transparent particles and other series with the arbitrary, can meet a variety of different design requirements, so that you free to use the imagination.