Why Do Many People Choose Ash Wood For Solid Wood Furniture?

- Jun 29, 2019-

Advantages: 1 The cost of ash wood materials is relatively high, mainly due to some of the high quality properties of ash wood materials. Ash wood is mainly produced in Russia, North America and parts of Europe; it has strong anti-corrosion function; easy to cut tool processing and polishing; ash furniture is one of the main production materials of American high-end furniture, natural and beautiful texture, bark and fruit It is used as a laxative in medicine, and it can also extract dark brown and blue dyes.



2 Ash wood furniture is more beautiful in appearance, its gloss is very high; it can clearly see the neat and interlaced wood grain on the ash furniture, the surface of the furniture product is very smooth, the density of ash material is relatively high, strength and hardness It is also very high. In terms of mechanics, the bearing capacity is also very high. It is very suitable for making furniture and can be used for collection and placement.



Disadvantages: ash wood furniture is imported, and this solid wood material is very scarce, the source of raw materials is very difficult; the drying performance of ash wood material is relatively poor, if it is not handled well, it will be cracked and deformed, etc., will be serious Affect the appearance and use; the surface of ash furniture is easy to fluff, so it requires extremely skilled craftsmanship in the process of production.