Why Buy Furniture Must Choose Solid Wood?

- Jun 29, 2019-

Advantage 1:

Many people buy solid wood furniture, and its environmentally-friendly characteristics are the primary considerations, especially those high-quality solid wood furniture. As long as the texture and the luster of the logs are preserved, there is no need to decorate the paint, so that harmful substances such as formaldehyde are a lot less. In addition, during the processing, the use of glue is also reduced, making its environmental protection a higher level.


Advantage 2:

Solid wood furniture represents the traditional culture of our country, so the various solid wood furniture we see not only has a natural and simple atmosphere, but also has a strong sense of history. Especially the mahogany, eucalyptus and sandalwood quality will make the room look more classy and more solemn.



Advantage 3:

The smell of furniture logs, we all know that wood will basically release the smell of fragrance, people who live in the city for a long time, because of the busy formatted life every day, the use of solid wood wardrobe at home, can add one A sense of nature, a sense of softness. Plus the wooden texture looks very beautiful.


Advantage four:

In comparison, the life of solid wood furniture is still very long. Generally, the life of solid wood can reach about 5 times that of ordinary sheet furniture. Solid wood furniture is like a valuable book, and the more expensive it is, the longer it will be used, the better its color and the more collectible it will be.