What's on the solid wood table?

- Jun 10, 2020-

What's on the solid wood table

Due to the particularity of solid wood table, we should pay more attention to its maintenance. Because the problem of heat and scald prevention is restaurant furniture, we have to face this problem first. In order to prevent scalding, a layer of tablecloth or glass can be paved on the solid wood table top, which can not only prevent the problem of scalding and leaving traces on the solid wood table top, but also effectively prevent the problem of oil pollution and cleaning. Now let's see whether it's suitable for laying tablecloth or glass on the solid wood table top.

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At present, tablecloths are mainly made of plastics and textiles. Among them, PVC tablecloth of plastic type is a kind of plastic tablecloth with strong practicability. Among them, the quality of PVC tablecloth with cotton substrate is the most guaranteed. The cotton cloth on the bottom layer is soft and easy to fold, and the tablecloth has various colors and patterns and is easy to match. This tablecloth is also dirt resistant, easy to clean and easy to carry. Long service life, not easy to fade. Nowadays, there is a kind of table cloth that is specially used for the protection of solid wood table. This table cloth has the functions of good heat and cold resistance, soft texture and low cleaning cost. It is a very affordable table cloth.

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Let's look at the glass. The glass material also has the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance and easy cleaning, but the thermal conductivity and cold performance of the glass material are not good, and it is easy to crack people. At the same time, the glass material is bulky and not easy to carry, and there is no diversity of PVC tablecloth in decoration.

Therefore, compared with the two, PVC is more diversified and beautiful.

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