What makes a comfortable chair

- Mar 14, 2020-

What makes a "comfortable chair"

For most people, they still have to sit when they change jobs. Besides moving their legs and wringing their waist, comfortable chairs are really important.


To understand the root cause of "comfort" is to know how to disperse pressure. When we are sitting, the chair supports the sitting bones, and the lumbar intervertebral disc becomes the joint that bears the most pressure, supporting the weight of the whole upper body. Therefore, a good chair should include two points: the cushion should be comfortable enough to disperse the pressure on the sitting bone and avoid compressing the sciatic nerve; the back of the chair should have sufficient support for the lumbar vertebrae, support the position with the largest pressure under the sitting position, and avoid the continuous tension and force of the back muscles.


The best chair to sit on must meet the requirements: the seat and back have enough support force, moderate soft and hardness, and the curved surface fits the body shape. On the contrary, the chair with flat seat and vertical back can't sit for a long time (for example, the leather restaurant chairs in fast food restaurant, you can try it for two hours).