What kind of metal furniture can I choose to?

- Oct 26, 2019-

What kind of metal furniture can I choose to?

Starting from the details, choose the right metal furniture. It is understood that when purchasing, first of all, it is necessary to confirm whether the furniture has been treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Due to the limited performance of the metal itself, the metal parts are easy to be treated without preservative treatment or improper handling. Rusting in a humid environment. Secondly, the metal parts of the metal furniture are welded. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check whether the welded parts and the metal bends are firm, smooth, and have no obvious protruding folds. Third, check whether the riveting of the metal parts and the steel pipe is firm, and whether the rivet cap is smooth and flat without burrs. Finally, check the whole body with your hand to see if the furniture surface is smooth and there are no signs of bumps, depressions or bumps.

Airy and dry, carefully caring for metal furniture

Although metal furniture has superior wind resistance, anti-aging and anti-insect properties, experts still remind that if it is used improperly in daily life or does not pay attention to maintenance, the gloss of the surface of metal furniture will gradually dim. Therefore, in the course of use, consumers should pay special attention to the maintenance of metla furniture.

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1. Iron furniture should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. It is best not to wipe the surface directly with a damp cloth during the cleaning process. It is best not to leave the humidifier around to prevent the furniture from rusting. At the same time, try to avoid direct sunlight, in case of metal oxidative deterioration or surface paint retreat and dry cracking.

2. It is best not to leave the purchased metal furniture for a long time, and don't forget to clean the dust regularly, because it can also make it rust. When dusting, it is best to use a cotton rag and a mild detergent to gently wipe. For dust in the recess, use a soft wool brush to brush off the gap.

3, should try to avoid splashing acid and alkali syrup (such as vinegar, soapy water, soda water, etc.) which is corrosive to metal. If it is accidentally stained, immediately clean the stain and wipe it with a dry cotton cloth. In order to prevent metal rust, you can regularly wipe the surface part with a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil on a cotton cloth. If the furniture has started to have rust spots, you can use cotton yarn oil to coat the rust, so that you can remove the rust, and you should not directly sand the sandpaper and other matte materials, which will grind the paint surface of the metal furniture surface.

4, metal furniture to avoid external force bumps, you can choose to put the furniture in other places where hard objects do not often touch, in order to prevent scratching the paint surface or chrome layer off. It is also necessary to avoid the hard object hitting on the furniture. Otherwise, the paint will be peeled off and the paint will be peeled off. The heavy will collapse and leave scars, which will affect the overall appearance.

5, chrome-plated metal furniture is most afraid of gas, soot, therefore, can not place metal furniture near the gas stove and coal stove to prevent gas, oil fume corrosion chrome layer.

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