What kind of leather is PU leather? Is it genuine leather?

- Jul 14, 2019-

PU is not a leather, but a kind of leather, commonly known as artificial leather, but its skin texture is similar to leather.


PU is polyurethane, PU leather is polyurethane synthetic leather, commonly used in the production of luggage, clothing, shoes, vehicles, car seats, car mats, furniture, imitation leather sofa, commonly known as artificial leather, PU leather is very similar to leather The hand feels a bit soft, it is difficult for outsiders to distinguish between leather and recycled leather. The characteristics of the pu leather are beautiful appearance and low price, but with the development of the craft, the PU leather is also made into various grades, and the price can also be Compared with the dermis.


PU leather is made of two or three layers of natural leather, and the residual leather is treated by a special film-pressing and laminating process. The surface of the leather is covered with a polyurethane PU surface layer, which makes the surface of the leather appear various colors. The pattern, without losing the breathability of the leather, the advantage of folding, has its own uniqueness in appearance and waterproof performance.


The emergence of the current microfiber PU synthetic leather is the third generation of artificial leather. The non-woven fabric of its three-dimensional structure network creates conditions for synthetic leather to catch up with natural leather in the substrate.


The product is combined with the newly developed PU slurry with open-cell structure, and the processing technology of the composite surface layer exerts the huge surface area of superfine fiber and strong water absorption, making the ultra-fine PU synthetic leather have a bundle-shaped superfine The inherent moisture absorption properties of collagen fibers make them comparable to high-grade natural leathers, both in terms of internal microstructure, appearance, physical properties and wearing comfort.