What is the general size of the bar chair

- Mar 14, 2020-

What is the general size of the bar chair??

The bar chairs we usually see are smaller. They are chairs, but they are more like stools. Generally, there is no backrest or only a shallow part. Most of the bar tables are higher than the tables, and the height of the metal counter stools is adjusted accordingly. The standard size is 42 * 46.5 * 92cm. In addition, the bar chairs are 44 * 44 * 83cm, 45 * 50 * 99cm, 45 * 45 * 92cm, 39 * 45 * 98.5cm and other sizes.


The leather counter height stools can be divided into lift bar chair and non lift bar chair, most of which can be lifted. Generally, the lifting range is between 20cm, which can be adjusted as you like. 


As long as the distance from the bar is appropriate, it is about 20cm lower than the bar. The height is about 60-100cm, which is normal. It can also be increased or decreased according to the environmental needs.