What is the best material for furniture

- Mar 14, 2020-

What is the best material for furniture?

1. Solid wood furniture:

Its natural ring texture, as well as the infinite variety of colors, make it a symbol of noble identity. Because natural wood is organic and needs to breathe, its environment needs suitable temperature and humidity. Meanwhile, it should avoid direct contact with irritant gas or liquid, otherwise it will damage the natural color of furniture. There are many kinds of solid wood furniture materials.

solid wood dining tables

2. Panel furniture:

Based on artificial board, common artificial board includes plywood, joinery board, particleboard, MDF, etc. The surface is decorated with wood veneer, melamine board and other furniture, and the panel furniture is mostly linked with various hardware, so it is convenient to dismantle and install, and convenient for transportation. Because the physical structure of log itself is broken during processing, panel furniture is not easy to deform and its quality is more stable when the temperature and humidity change. But the processing board is a variety of additives used, will continue to volatilize formaldehyde and other harmful gases, which need consumers' attention.

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3. Glass furniture:

Glass furniture generally adopts high hardness strengthened glass and metal frame. The transparent clarity of glass is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. It is glossy, hard, durable and wear-resistant. It can bear certain pressure and is easy to wash. High hardness strengthened glass can bear the same weight as wooden furniture. In the room with small living area, glass furniture is the best choice. However, the glass furniture should be kept away from damp, stove, acid, alkali and other chemical reagents to prevent corrosion and deterioration.

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