What is solid wood veneer furniture?

- Jun 04, 2020-

What is solid wood veneer furniture?

For furniture with solid wood veneer, some of the inner core boards are solid wood particle boards (oriented particleboards), medium fiber boards (density boards), and some of the outer core boards are solid wood boards (walnut, cherry, ebony, etc.). (pine board, fir board, etc.) when you buy this, you need to ask clearly. I think the solid wood veneered furniture is more suitable for dark color furniture, classical and European decoration style. There are cracks in the veneer of solid wood board.

6 Seater Dining Table

Board furniture is generally solid wood particle board (oriented particleboard), medium fiber board (density board). Compared with the solid wood veneer, the shape is better to do, more can do baking paint, plate furniture is suitable for modern style decoration, Korean style.

4 Seater Round Dining Table

Say sheet separately. Pine board and fir board are more environmentally friendly than particle board and MDF board, but pine board and fir board should be made into furniture. Still need post-processing, in the production process or need to use formaldehyde release materials.

Black Gloss Dining Table

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