What color does the furniture look good?

- Jun 10, 2020-

What color does the furniture look good

1. The choice of furniture color should first cater to the decoration style of the house. In addition, it is the height of the same floor and the age and personal hobbies of the residents to choose. Generally, the younger ones are suitable for the brighter color system, the western style furniture with short and smooth lines, and the older ones will choose the more stable and retro Chinese style furniture.

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2. Generally, the color of the house decoration furniture should be matched with the floor, wall and ceiling as a whole. If the house is light colored floor, it will appear spacious and bright. Therefore, the furniture color should also choose light color as the main color, and try not to jump too much, so as to better match with the floor color. We can choose some white and log color furniture. This kind of collocation is more suitable for rural style and modern simple style household.

3. If the floor in the home is of medium color, it is relatively easy to match with the furniture color, and there is the same color system principle when matching, so it looks like the home environment will be more atmospheric and orderly. You can also choose the principle of near color system, which will make the decoration style look lively and beautiful.

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4. If the floor in the home is dark, the color of the house decoration furniture can't jump too much. Dark color matching belongs to the cold color system, and the color sense brings people stretching visual effect. Therefore, when matching the furniture, the furniture color should also be dark, so the overall visual effect is harmonious.

5. Many people will choose white furniture, which is too cold. White can be used as the main color of home decoration, but we can't lose the influence of other color matching. For example, white sofa and white tea table are used at home. At the same time, bronze table lamp is also used as another color to adjust.

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