What are the materials of panel furniture?

- Jun 13, 2020-

What are the materials of panel furniture

1. MDF

Cost performance is the highest, is a more general high-quality furniture plate, generally used in the high-end plate furniture. MDF is a kind of man-made board, which is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, added with resin and other adhesives, and pressed after high temperature and pressure, with a density of 0.50-0.88g/cm3.

Features: the wood is even and thin, with high bending strength, easy to process, especially suitable for curved surface and special-shaped design. It avoids the defects such as boils and insect holes. It has small expansion and contraction, no warping and no cracking. The surface is smooth and easy to paste the veneer. It has no processing defects, strong binding force and strong nail holding ability.

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2. Triamine plate (i.e. melamine plate, environmental protection plate)

The decorative board with melamine paper pasted on the surface of MDF or particleboard under high temperature and pressure.

Features: water resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, high finish, stable performance, rich color, beautiful appearance. The surface is plastic film without chemical gas volatilization.

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3. Particle board (i.e. particleboard, bagasse board)

It is made of all kinds of mechanical shavings or some sawdust by hot pressing with dry mixing glue.

Features: loose material, light weight, strong nail grip, good moisture-proof and waterproof, easy to control formaldehyde emission, not easy to deform and other advantages, suitable for use in furniture plane. Its disadvantages are large particles, not suitable for painting, carving, blistering and other processes and thin plates. Under the condition of quality assurance, particleboard and medium density are not good or bad.

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4. Plywood (commonly known as plywood)

After softening, the log is spun into veneers, dried and glued, overlapped according to the wood texture, and pressurized by a hot press.

Features: good sound absorption performance, strong temperature adaptability, in different temperature areas, the shape of the plate changes little, not easy to deformation. It has rough surface, strong adhesion and good effect of veneer sticking. It is lighter than MDF, has strong compression capacity and poor water absorption and expansion. But the grip is weak.

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