What are the classifications of the side tables?

- Oct 29, 2019-

In the market, people in the home furnishing stores will introduce different side tables, tea tables and corner tables to you, but now there are few people who know the side tables. Even if they buy the side tables, they sometimes don't match their own decoration style. Today we'll explain to you what is the border table and what are its styles. Explain their use and classification, so that you can buy a lot more convenient.

Side table

The side table is still a kind of common furniture in our family. It is generally square or round. It is a small tea table placed between two sofas. It is very beautiful and practical. You can put some small things on it, or it can be placed as decorations at home. The style of the side table is generally matched with the sofa, so it seems to be wrong. Often beautiful, then, what are the sides?

marble coffee table and end tables

European style wind format side table

The European style is characterized by its unique exquisite carving, exquisite knife technique, three-dimensional visual impact, elegant and charming ivory, warm and soft color, magnificent outline, noble and elegant, drawer shape, reasonable distribution space, human-oriented design, to meet the enjoyment of life storage and beauty. The size of this European style is 7. 28 * 728 * 600mm.

French style side table

French style is a round side table, very soft, let time freeze in that gorgeous and elegant era, close your eyes gently, that romantic fragment, deeply left in your memory, this small side table of French style, condensing the dignity of the royal family in the middle ages, the modern western techniques are integrated in the elegant, aesthetic, simple and generous, gorgeous with the sense of the times, curved and arc design. , together with each design and workmanship, it creates a unique high-quality small side table, which is 580 * 580 * 610mm in size.

American garden side table

The elegant and retro design style of American rural style endows life with more romance. Its soft and mellow lines and elegant colors reflect the charm of American countryside. The thick and intuitive images show a leisurely and textured life attitude, thick desktop, hard texture, clear and visible texture, beautiful and generous, solid wood drawers, beautiful and practical, more Good storage. The size of this side table is 750 * 750 * 470mm.

American classic side table

The American classical side table is a typical and gorgeous American classical style, which greatly increases the noble space. With the same style of sofa and TV cabinet, the room will immediately appear more noble and elegant, exquisite and perfect art carving, combined with elegant and flexible lines, so that we can enjoy a strong tenderness and honey in the charming temperament of the ancient times. This side table is very exquisite. It is full of rich artistic flavor, and its size is 1416 * 448 * 820mm.

American country side table

The simple and exquisite color and structure of American rural edge table radiate unique expressive force and lasting vitality in the complex world. Its paint surface is smooth and transparent, and the wood grain is also delicate and beautiful. Each place pursues delicacy, which creates the perfect quality of this edge table, and gives us a sense of vicissitudes and the memory of beautifying the time. The size of this edge table is 550 * 550 * 630mm.

modern walnut end table