What are the characteristics of all kinds of furniture materials

- Jun 13, 2020-

What are the characteristics of all kinds of furniture materials

Furniture material classification 1, solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture refers to the furniture made of natural wood. The texture of wood can be seen on the surface of furniture. The use of natural wood, more natural appearance, and durable, green and environmental protection, generally qualified solid wood furniture production process does not contain artificial additives, there is no potential pollution.

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Furniture material classification 2, panel furniture. Panel furniture is also known as wood-based panel furniture. It is made of incomplete broken wood mixed with other fibers. The biggest problem lies in environmental protection. When making artificial boards, additives are often used. If the furniture is not treated properly when veneering and edge sealing, there will be potential pollution.

Furniture material classification 3, bamboo rattan furniture. Bamboo and rattan furniture is made of bamboo and rattan as the main materials. It not only has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and natural simplicity of wood furniture, but also has super elasticity and toughness, which is easy to weave a unique and creative shape, especially in the humid summer area is the best choice.

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Furniture material classification 4. Metal furniture. All furniture with metal pipes, plates or sticks as the main structure and iron furniture made entirely of metal materials are collectively referred to as metal furniture. Most of the metal materials used in metal furniture are made by stamping, forging, casting, molding, bending, welding and other processing technologies, as well as surface treatment methods such as electroplating, spraying, and plastic coating.

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