What are the advantages and disadvantages of the marble dining tables?

- Jun 19, 2019-

The dining table is our usual kitchen equipment. Now there are many kinds of dining tables, such as marble table, solid wood table, plastic table and so on. Marble tables are more expensive. Marble tables can be divided into artificial marble tables and natural marble tables. Artificial marble tables are cheaper than natural marble tables, and the appearance and texture of natural marble tables are also very atmospheric. But many people don't understand when they buy marble tables, so let's talk about it next.



Advantages of marble table

1. Marble has the characteristics of no deformation and high hardness. The marble dining table also has these advantages, and it also has a strong wear resistance.

2. Marble tables have strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance characteristics, and will not be as rusty as metals, and maintenance is very simple, long service life;

3. The surface of marble dining table is not easily contaminated with dust, scratches and physical properties are relatively stable.

4. Marble tables also have the advantage that all kinds of wooden tables can't compete with, that is, marble tables are not afraid of dampness and are not affected by moisture.



Disadvantages of marble table

1. Marble tables are of high grade, which has been recognized by consumers, but the health and environmental protection of marble tables are not as good as that of solid wood tables.

2. Marble tables are generally very atmospheric and textural, so it is difficult to coordinate with ordinary small-sized households, but more suitable for large-sized households, so there are some deficiencies in adaptability.

3. Marble tables are not only large in area, but also bulky and difficult to move.