Types and selection of dining tables and chairs

- Jun 09, 2020-

Types and selection of dining tables and chairs

1 determine dining area

The size of the dining room first determines the size of your table. So before decoration, it's best to measure the area of the restaurant first, and then choose the right size of the dining table according to the area of the restaurant. Generally speaking, the dining table area accounts for about one third of the whole restaurant. If the dining table accounts for more than two-thirds of the restaurant, it will be very crowded.

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2 according to the style of the room

The style of the room determines what kind of table you should choose. Although different styles of dining table are different, but to follow a point, if you want to mix and match, also remember not to use too conflicting colors of the table to match. The rest of you should know that it is European style, Chinese style or rural style. You can choose the table of corresponding style.

3 table shape

At present, some of the tables on the market are square, some are round, and the main shapes are these two. The square dining table is quite common. Please pay attention to the above two points when choosing. Circular dining table should consider the area and layout of the restaurant is suitable for placement. The round dining table can draw people's distance invisibly, and the dining atmosphere will be better.

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4. Brand

Today's tables are mostly made of wood. Don't be greedy for cheap when you buy. If you think the price is cheap, you don't care what you buy. Still want to see the material of dining table and use material to wait. Some table materials are good, but the details of workmanship are too poor. Some of the workmanship is passable, but the material is too poor, the first performance is that the table is very light.

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