TV cabinet and coffee table combination skills

- Feb 01, 2020-

1. In addition to beautiful decorative functions, the coffee table in the living room also has the function of carrying tea sets and small foods, and some coffee tables also have special drawers. Some coffee tables also break the design tradition, combining a coffee table and a double-layer rotatable coffee table. The style of the TV cabinet is recommended to follow the style of the coffee table to make it coordinated, tidy and more convenient to match with other furniture.

2. The size of the coffee table in the living room should refer to the surrounding space. If the distance between the sofa and the TV cabinet is close, so is the small oval sofa. It can contain not only food but also decoration.

3. The size of the TV cabinet should be based on the size of the room, personal preferences and reasonable combination with other furniture; the height of the general TV cabinet is 400m ~ 600m; the height of the coffee table should be similar to the height of the TV cabinet, slightly lower than the length and width of the TV cabinet It is generally 1070mm * 600mm, and the height is 400mm. In other words, the height of the flat-lying sofa should allow the user to sit on the TV screen after sitting down, but the sitting position will be adjusted due to the coffee table.