There are four common TV cabinet styles

- Feb 25, 2020-

Nowadays, in the home decoration, the TV cabinet is another important element that has both practical and decorative effects in the living room. The function of the TV cabinet is not only limited to placing audiovisual, but also has the effect of home decoration. There are four common TV cabinet styles:

1. Fireplace TV cabinet: Set up a TV in the shape of a fireplace, which can make the home feel warm and stylish.

2. Lifting TV cabinet: This TV cabinet design can be hidden when the TV is not in use.

3. Rotary TV cabinet: Two-sided TV cabinet design. One side can be used to place a TV, and the other side can be used to place books or decorations. It can be switched by using the rotating function.

4. Traditional TV cabinets: In addition to TVs, TV cabinets on the market can also be designed to place other audiovisual appliances, or drawer-type spaces for CDs.