The size of the living room

- Mar 21, 2019-

When purchasing TV cabinets should pay attention to the size of the living room, according to the TV cabinet in the living room decoration way, to choose the TV cabinet. Different living rooms, there are different space sizes, need to be based on their own living room size and shape, household type to design a different combination of ways. For irregular living rooms, it is especially important to note. If you choose Custom furniture, you can enjoy the advantages of professional customization services and custom furniture, by the designer to customize the living room of the owner, easy and easy. In the size of the space, if the living room is more spacious, you can give priority to the use of board structure TV cabinets or full-face frame wall of the TV cabinet, it is recommended that the background wall and sofa color consistent. If the living room space is narrower, it is recommended to use "product" glyph combination TV cabinet, so that the use of space can be used effectively, so that space has a sense of hierarchy.