The living room sofa should be chosen like this!

- Nov 20, 2019-

The living room sofa should be chosen like this!

99% of the family will put a sofa in the living room, a beautiful sofa can instantly enhance the texture and grade of the space, highlighting the design style of your home. As the "big thing" in the family, if the wrong choice, the living room is basically not saved...

The style is not good, the size is wrong, not only crowded, but the atmosphere and style of the whole space are gone.

If the color style size is chosen well, the whole feeling is created.

Sofa size

If the size is too large, it will appear that the whole space is crowded and cumbersome. If it is too small, it will feel empty and look like a small family. Therefore, the size of the sofa should be based on the size of the space. It is not the bigger or the smaller. Generally speaking, the size of the sofa accounts for one quarter of the living room area, which can play a good balance.

Small units below 70m2, suitable for smaller split sofas, can be freely moved and combined, the best number is not more than three.

The medium and small size of 70-120m2 is suitable for medium-sized two-person or three-person sofas. It can be flexibly combined according to the area of “1+3”, “1+1+2” and “2+3”.

For large-sized units of 120m2 or more, you should choose a one-size sofa with a size and a sofa that is long enough, and then match 1-2 single sofas.

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Sofa material

Some people love the comfort of the fabric, and some people love the texture of the leather... No matter what the fabric of the sofa is comfortable with you, after all, the practical comfort of the sofa still has to occupy the first place.

Fabric sofas are more choices for families nowadays, and the styles are more and more fashionable. They are more suitable for families with small size, suitable for simple and Nordic style.

Colors are recommended to choose white, beige, gray and other wild colors. If the living room is finished in a single color, you can also use a brighter color to jump.

Advantages: soft and comfortable, good breathability, put on the sofa cloth, clean and easy to clean, cost-effective

Disadvantages: troublesome to remove and wash, sticky hair, easy to dirty.

Different from the warmth of fabric sofas, leather sofas are more advanced, and some large-sized villas also prefer to use it to enhance the overall texture. For example, American, industrial, European, and light luxury styles are more suitable for leather sofas, brown and brown. Black is the main color, and the bright colors are also very good.

Advantages: high grade, smooth touch, good comfort, heavy and steady

Disadvantages: summer sticky thigh meat, winter frozen butt, bad choice will be relatively rigid, the surface is easy to scratch

Nowadays, the velvet-made sofa is also popular. Feimojun looked down, um, good-looking and fashionable, giving people an elegant and gorgeous feeling.

Advantages: silky, soft and soft, bright and stylish, both retro and stylish

Disadvantages: cleaning is less convenient, and it is easy to absorb dust, easy to dirty

When we choose the sofa, we can't just look at it. We need to combine the size, style and practicality of our living room. When we buy, we can sit and feel the comfort. The material is no longer limited to one kind, and the mix and match can also create a different kind. Kind of atmosphere!

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