The living room must not buy this kind of sofa!

- Nov 21, 2019-

The living room must not buy this kind of sofa, the people who used it are not recommended, fortunately, understand the pedestrian reminder

Nowadays, many people buy sofas at home, and placing sofas in the living room is almost something that all owners will do. However, there are now more types of sofas, and the styles are also very novel. Many owners do not know which one to choose. Xiaobian reminds everyone to buy this kind of sofa!

Decoration can be said to be the most important thing in life except for buying a house. Generally, people will consider the layout of the furniture when they are decorating, and it is inevitable that the sofa is placed in the living room. However, when you buy a sofa, you must not only consider the aesthetics, but also consider the practicality. Let's analyze them one by one.

First, fabric sofa

Cloth sofa is a kind of modern young people, especially young people who like literary style. When they buy furniture, they will buy literary style, and fabric sofa is the easiest to match the decoration style of the home, especially its The price is cheap, the average family can afford it, and it is not afraid that it will cause too much economic burden.

However, the fabric sofa also has certain shortcomings, that is, it is clothy, easy to penetrate and not resistant to dirt. If you accidentally pour the liquid on the sofa, it will soon penetrate into the sofa, so it is very difficult to clean it. You need to remove the sofa cover and wash it, then put it on, it is a waste of time and energy. It is easy to fade when it grows up, and it will collapse when you sit for a long time.

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Second, mahogany sofa

This sofa is made exclusively from mahogany. It is necessary to know that redwood is rare, so the cost is very expensive. This is also the reason why many people do not use the mahogany sofa, after all, the cost is too high. In addition, the mahogany sofa is easy to fake, it is difficult to identify, buy a fake, then it will be a big loss. Generally, people who use mahogany sofas have some feelings, or they are very fond of mahogany. They have a special liking for such occurrences, and they also have their own set and will not be deceived.

Third, the leather sofa

The characteristics of the leather sofa is that it is very resistant to dirt. The leather on the surface can prevent the dirt from seeping into the inside of the sofa. It is only necessary to wipe it with a rag when cleaning, without wasting so much time, and this kind of sofa can make The decoration of the home is more upscale, because the price itself is more expensive, many ordinary families will not choose a leather sofa. In the future use of such a sofa, care must be taken to maintain it, otherwise the service life will become very short.

However, everyone must pay attention to it. The reason why the leather sofa is not suitable for young people is because its color is a bit monotonous. There are so many kinds of materials, and there are so many colors. If you are a person who likes warmth, leather sofas are definitely not for you. In addition, you need to pay attention to the maintenance work, buy back home, put it in the home for many years, the leather sofa is prone to cracking, often do the maintenance work, increase its service life.

In fact, leather sofas are relatively simple and practical in family life, although the price is higher, but the decoration effect is very high atmosphere, is a good furniture. Moreover, the surface of the leather sofa is slippery, which is dirt-resistant and easy to clean. If it is stained with water, just wipe it with a rag.

Fourth, how to choose a leather sofa?

1, look at the quality of the frame

The whole piece of sofa is repeatedly shaken back and forth, and if it feels good, the frame is firm. Then discuss with the sales staff, uncover the corner of the base fabric, if there is no bad, no insects, no scars, no bark or wood wool, and the connection between the material and the material is There is no problem with the blinking or the incision biting each other without nails.

2, look at the quality of the internal cushion

Mainly refers to sponges, sponges are divided into three types: elastic, high-elastic, super-soft and medium-elastic. The medium-splitting sponge is generally used as a backrest and armrest part, and the high-elastic and high-elastic super-soft sponge is used as a seat part. Now some merchants add a styling sponge or a styling gel material to stabilize the shape. In addition to consulting the salesperson about the type of filling, you must sit down and experience the comfort.

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3, look at the leather surface

Buy a leather sofa to choose a leather surface. The leather surface should be rich and lustrous, no scars, and the texture of the texture should be fine. Hold it with a fingertip and sip it up. It should be soft and strong. After the sitting, the wrinkles can be disappeared or not obvious. This kind of leather is fine. .

4, see the materials

The leather sofa is divided into a full leather sofa and a half leather sofa. The leather sofa is of high value, breathable and environmentally friendly. The half-skin sofa replaces the cowhide with PU leather or artificial leather PVC on the back, bottom and other hidden parts of the sofa, but the direct contact part of the human body is still a higher value cowhide, which reduces the cost of the sofa and is more economical.

5, see the leather

The sofa skin is divided into yellow cowhide and buffalo leather. It is divided into the top layer skin, the second layer skin and the three layer skin according to the number of layers. The high quality leather sofa must be the first layer of yellow cowhide.

6, look at the seams

High-quality sofa stitching work fine, no off-line, jumper and so on.

It can be seen that fabric sofas, mahogany sofas and leather sofas have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have a special mahogany plot, then no doubt, of course, choose the mahogany sofa. If there is no such plot, leather sofas and fabric sofas are recommended to choose the former is better.

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