The beauty of wood, black walnut wood series

- Nov 04, 2019-

The beauty of wood, black walnut wood series.

Wood, thick and simple, warm and firm. Resting aside, it also creates a different kind of scenery. People's love for wood is an innate feeling. There are many different things in life. Different woods have different styles. Wood is alive. Every piece of wood has its own story. Good wood, with its unmoving power, is a precious alternative to any other secular thing. Logs are expensive in nature, wood is alive, and each type of wood has its own characteristics, which also gives the owner a different feeling of home. There are many kinds of wood, and there are dozens of kinds.

Let me introduce you to the main types of wood in our furniture:

Black Walnut

Wood grain: straight or irregular

Air dry density: 0.64g/cm3

Wood species characteristics: precious wood, a small number of artificially planted and naturally regenerated species

Distributed growth: North America, Central America, and the Andes


Black Walnut - "Muzhong Noble"

Black walnut, deep, luxurious, mysterious, soft and elegant, with high temperament, is also one of the most commonly used wood for custom furniture customization.

This is true in the European royal palaces centuries ago. In the modern society of the 21st century, black walnuts are still "born aristocrats."

Noble, elegant, luxurious, using these words to describe black walnut is the most appropriate, but to create their own "era", black walnut is the first to bear the brunt.

It takes at least 50 years for black walnut to grow from grown to finished, which is the best quality wood. Often used in flat cut veneers, rotary cut veneers, furniture, flooring, cabinets, etc., black walnuts that are hailed as "the wood is expensive" can often bring elegant Zen to the home.

Black walnut has amazing beautiful color and texture, and the parabolic pattern of the atmosphere is like a river, a mountain, a scroll, and it is artistically beautiful. Beautiful and elegant, it is very popular among elites. At the same time, it also has good moisture absorption and breathability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, taking into account the comfort and stability.

If you want to choose one of the thousands of woods, it is definitely black walnut!

small round walnut table

The advantages of black walnut:

1 high value of the face: the grade on the atmosphere, the color of the material is pleasing, elegant, the texture is good, the cutting surface is smooth, and the gloss is soft;

2 Durable: stable wood, resistant to impact and friction, resistant to decay, easy to dry, less deformed, less prone to cracking;

3 high plasticity: easy to construct, easy to glue, small shrinkage, suitable for changing climates;

4 good material: fine lines, polished texture is very good, with excellent paint and dye properties, polished to get an excellent surface.

Disadvantages of black walnut:

1 The resistance to bending and bending is only moderate, the toughness is poor, and it needs careful protection;

2 Drying is very slow. Avoid drying quickly during the drying process. If the drying is not good, it will affect the later use.

3 Because of the increasing scarcity, the price is also rising, and few ordinary families can buy walnuts because the price is too high, unless the customer likes the black walnut or the customer is the local tyrant.

Black walnut, its own existence is a supreme human philosophy, with unique advantages, but still warm and firm. The times have changed, the years have passed, and the black walnuts have become more and more new. If the wood is compared to adults, the black walnuts belong to the talented class, born with pride and born for high-grade furniture.

Good solid wood furniture starts with good wood. Although craftsmen can overcome the shortcomings of wood in various ways, just as a good body is important for athletes, good wood has good furniture.

Both ash and black walnut have: wood stability, beautiful texture, no smell, practical. Therefore, the choice of which kind of wooden furniture is better, ultimately depends on the preferences of your friends.

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