The beauty of wood, Ash Wood series

- Nov 01, 2019-

The beauty of wood, "Ash Wood" series.

Wood, thick and simple, warm and firm. Resting aside, it also creates a different kind of scenery. People's love for wood is an innate feeling. There are many different things in life. Different woods have different styles. Wood is alive. Every piece of wood has its own story. Good wood, with its unmoving power, is a precious alternative to any other secular thing. Logs are expensive in nature, wood is alive, and each type of wood has its own characteristics, which also gives the owner a different feeling of home. There are many kinds of wood, and there are dozens of kinds.


Let me introduce you to the main types of wood in our furniture:


Wood grain: obvious, coarse grain

Air dry density: 0.60g-0.72g/cm3

Wood species characteristics: large trees, under good conditions, the tree height reaches 40m

Distribution growth: North America, Europe, Russia

Ash - "Goddess of Wood"

Ash, the color is light, the lines are wild, just like the goddess of youth. It is a very good material and is the most used wood for real leisure furniture.

Ash, wood grain, high hardness, high density, not easy to change, distributed in North America and parts of Europe, wood is tough and flexible.

Ash is tough and elastic, the sapwood is pale milky white, and the heartwood varies from light brown to dark brown. The wood grain is obvious, the coarse grain, the texture is good, the appearance, the personality, and the artistic atmosphere are its greatest advantages.

Ash, a noble tree in Europe, is favored by the European royal family. During the Victorian period, there were many furniture made of ash wood: high chairs, cabinets, dressing tables, etc.


Quiet and simple, plain and beautiful.

The water content of ash is between 8% and 12%, and the wood is processed, painted and polished. It is the main material of American high-grade furniture. The appearance of the furniture is beautiful, the gloss is very good, the wood grain is very clear, and the strength, hardness, density, high permeability resistance, mechanical endurance is very good, it is very suitable for making furniture.

Why do many people choose ash from wood, how good is it? What are the disadvantages?

Advant age

1 high bearing capacity: high density, high strength and hardness, mechanically very high endurance, very suitable for making furniture;

2 Strong plasticity: easy to cut tool processing, smooth cut surface, good polishing of paint and glue, light wood color and good coating effect.

3 high value: the appearance is more beautiful, its gloss is very high, the look is more relaxed and more comfortable, the furniture is fresh and natural;

4 Durable: Xinmu has medium anti-corrosion effect on anti-corrosion treatment agent, white wood (sapwood) has penetration, it is suitable for dry climate, aging is very slight, heartwood changes are small, and it has strong anti-corrosion function.


1 wood is not delicate enough, the surface is easy to fluff, and requires a high production process;

2 Wood is imported, the materials are scarce, the source of raw materials is difficult, and the price is high.

In fact, the disadvantage of ash is that many woods are common. It is the most common type of furniture wood. It is stable in wood, fine in texture and resistant to work. It is the best material for furniture. After the ash on the wood wax, the texture is very good, Chen put two years, the light yellow texture will appear more introverted and calm, friends who like light color and bright feeling can focus on.