Summary of common sizes of indoor restaurant furniture

- Feb 25, 2020-

At present, the house construction generally has living room and dining room, and many people don't care about the decoration of the dining room and the furnishings. This will easily cause the purchased restaurant furniture to be inappropriate in size. In fact, reasonable furniture size is crucial to people's lives. If the size is not properly controlled, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to users and even affect physical health. Therefore, the following summarizes some common sizes of indoor restaurant furniture, I hope to help you.

One, wall size

(1) skirting board height: 80-200mm

(2) Wall skirt height: 800—1500mm

(3) Mirror height: 1600—1800 (height from the center of the painting to the ground) mm

二 、 Restaurant

(1) Dining table height: 750—790mm

(2) Dining chair height: 450—500mm

3 (3) Round table diameter: 500mm for two persons, 800mm for two persons, 900mm for four persons, 1100mm for five persons, 1100-1250mm for six persons, 1300mm for eight persons, l500mm for ten persons, 1800mm for twelve persons

(4) Square table size: 700 × 850 (mm) for two persons, 1350 × 850 (mm) for four persons, 2250 × 850 (mm) for eight persons

(5) Diameter of table turntable: 700—800mm

6 (6) Dining table spacing: (where the seat occupies 500mm) should be greater than 500mm

(7) Width of main channel: 1200—1300mm

8 (8) Internal working track width: 600—900mm

9 (9) Bar table height: 900—l050mm, width 500mm

(10) Bar stool height: 600-750mm

The interior is where we have the most activity, and the restaurant is where we eat. Therefore, the design, size, shape and layout of the restaurant furniture should conform to the physiological and psychological dimensions of the human body and the rules of movement of each part of the human body in order to achieve safety, Practical, convenient, comfortable and beautiful purpose.