Some thoughts on the coffee table

- Oct 28, 2019-

Some thoughts on the coffee table

There are taboos in the coffee table. The coffee table in my living room is very nice, but the property came over and saw that the coffee table had nothing to do with the north and south, and the things were unlucky. But I put the coffee table between the north and the south and it is not in harmony with the coffee table I bought. How should this coffee table be placed?

(1) Place the coffee table

The coffee table is basically placed in the living room and matches the sofa. However, the coffee table does not have to be placed in the center of the front of the sofa. It can also be placed next to the sofa, in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and then decorated with tea sets, lamps, potted plants, etc., to show an alternative style of home. The height of the coffee table is generally flush with the sofa sitting surface. In principle, the style of the tea table legs and the armrests of the sofa should be consistent with the style of the feet.

On the coffee table, there are usually some tea, fruits and other items. These items are inhaled Feng Shui. Tea is also a prosperous property and has a dynamic nature. If the coffee table is placed in the fierceness of the living room. Fang, the signal of its location "fierce" will be motivated, resulting in many factors that are not good for the home. Of course, for the purpose of decoration, a small piece of carpet matching the space and the sofa can be placed under the glass coffee table, and a small potted plant can be placed to make the table top a beautiful pattern.

coffee table sets

(2) The size of the coffee table

The size of the coffee table is generally 1070 mm × 600 mm, and the height is 400 mm, which is the same height as the sofa seat. It seems that the space is also overlapped and spacious. The medium and large coffee table sometimes uses 1200 mm × 1200 mm, and its height will be reduced to 250 to 300 mm. The distance between the coffee table and the sofa is preferably about 350 mm.

The coffee table should not be too big. If the area of the coffee table is too large, it will be suspected of robbing the Lord. This layout is not a good sign. The easiest way to resolve the problem is to change the coffee table. The shape of the coffee table is absolutely not suitable for replacing the diamond with sharp corners. If the space in front of the sofa is not sufficient, you can change the coffee table to the side of the sofa. It is like a dragon, a white tiger, and it seems to have left and right hands. In this way, both the space is fully utilized. And it also meets the feng shui way.

(3) The shape of the coffee table

If the person is sitting on the sofa, the height of the coffee table is not suitable for the knee, and then the coffee table placed in front of the sofa must have enough space. If the sofa is too close to the coffee table, there are many inconvenient coffee table shapes with side walls and The ellipse is ideal. The round shape and the circle are the shape of the mascot from ancient times to the present. The triangular coffee table is irreplaceable because the coffee table is easy to hurt and often inconvenient.

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