Some problems in choosing sofa side table

- Jun 08, 2020-

Some problems in choosing sofa side table

First, the material and price grade of the side table; the sofa side table with precious material: if it is made of precious wood such as mahogany, oak, rosewood, Begonia and some metal materials, the sofa side table is a relatively expensive price, of course, it is also affected by the brand effect and production technology. The price of sofa made of high-grade wood is about 5000 yuan. Ordinary material sofa side table: you may think it's cheaper for a small furniture like sofa side table. It depends on what material you want to buy. The price of general plastic, rattan, glass, pine and poplar sofa is about 500 yuan. Of course, a 500 yuan sofa with creative and exquisite features is enough for a few ordinary families.

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Second, the height of the sofa side; the height of the sofa side must match your sofa. It's not necessarily that the height of the sofa is the same as that of the sofa. Everyone has different opinions and hobbies. Of course, the height of sofa edge is about 70 cm. Every friend who buys sofa side table can actually buy it at ease, sofa side table. Because the effect of different height is different, there is no need to make sure that the sofa edge is as high as the sofa.

Third, the color of the side table of the sofa; the color design of the side table is very important, because the color of the side table must resonate with, and cannot be designed alone. In terms of color, the color of the side table should be consistent or set off against each other, that is to say, the color should not be too far apart. For example, the sofa is red, while the side table cannot be green.

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Fourth, the shape of the side table of the sofa; the shape of the side table of the sofa should also be matched. The shape of the side table must be very modern and fashionable. You can choose either the hollow design or the full real design. You can choose one layer design or two layers design. But mainly in the modeling must be very fashionable, can not be too retro, can not be mixed with other design styles.

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