Perfect audition.

- Apr 09, 2019-

For AV people, a perfect audio-visual area is very necessary, so the clever collocation of TV cabinets and audio equipment is particularly important. How to match can create a comfortable audio-visual area? To create a perfect audio-visual area, the first choice is the cabinet type of TV cabinet, this kind of TV cabinet can carry a variety of audio-visual equipment, so that the entire audio-visual area presents a neat, unified decorative effect. Of course, the purchase of a certain bearing capacity for the display of DVD player, audio and other equipment shelf, is also a good way to match the TV cabinet, if there is another collection of DVD design, but also for the TV cabinet and even the whole room to add a bright spot. Audio-Visual TV cabinets are suitable for inclusion in the living room or audio-visual room, whether it is to enjoy alone or with friends, is a very pleasant thing. In general, the size of the TV cabinet should be selected according to the size of the TV set and the number of sound combinations. If you choose the floor speaker, it is recommended that the TV cabinet should not be too long, so that the speaker symmetrically placed on both sides of the TV cabinet, appears to be both compact and harmonious, so that the entire audio-visual area looks coordinated and comfortable.

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