Notes on buying a sofa

- Feb 02, 2020-

1. The frame structure of the sofa should be firm, and the firmness of the framework determines the life and quality of the sofa. We can lift one end of the sofa about 8cm from the ground to see if the other end is off the ground. If it is off the ground, it means that the skeleton structure is strong.

2. You can also use the two hands to shake the sofa back and forth, left and right, if it feels good, then the frame is firm. Then we look at the lower part of the base fabric, and no decay, worms, scars, burrs, etc. can appear.

3, sofa function is also relatively large, can be used as a chair or bed. In terms of everyone buying a sofa, it is best to sit on the spot and feel its degree of softness. If the sofa is too hard, it will cause muscle soreness while sitting on it, while a sofa that is too soft will trap the whole person and become uncomfortable after sitting for a long time.

4. In addition, when choosing a sofa, the comfort of the sofa is also reflected in the size of the sofa. The dimensions of each part of the sofa should be ergonomic and fit the curve of people's body structure, so that it will be more comfortable whether sitting or lying down.