Marble coffee table style

- Feb 01, 2020-

1.Marble coffee table style-low-profile style to ease the sense of openness

When the room is high and there is no hanging decoration, you can try to place a low-end coffee table, which can attract people's attention downward. However, it must be noted that the combination of the low-profile coffee table and the carpet must be elegant, so that it can be well integrated into a complete decoration. We can place tall vases or candlesticks on the coffee table as decoration to create the undulating feeling of the coffee table area. If there are frequent visitors, it is recommended not to choose a low-profile coffee table, in order to avoid the inconvenience of guests to put and put tea cups.

2, marble coffee table style-wheels and storage designed for the reading family

For those who like to read, any piece of furniture should have the ability to store books. The coffee table in the living room is no exception. The box-type storage method can put a lot of books and magazines, and the transparent surface makes it easy to see. The spine and cover are easy to find. Whether you are on a couch or a sofa, a coffee table with wheels can walk with people, which also adds convenience.

3. Marble coffee table styles—manufacturing rich levels of combined coffee tables

Using such a coffee table composed of multiple units can break the three parallel lines of the sofa, coffee table and TV cabinet, making the living room environment more dynamic and dynamic. The color of the coffee table can be roughly the same as that of the sofa, which will not make people feel that the space is taken up too much. Among them, the color of a jump or two can create a visual undulation, but pay attention to the coordination between the coffee table and the carpet. Both color and style can cause messy effects.

4.Marble coffee table style-the storage design guarantees a neat desktop

Remote controls, magazines, and phone books are items that people usually place on coffee tables. If they are all placed on the table, they will definitely look messy. The design of the added storage under the table has a strong storage capacity and a more convenient table In order to take the following items, the clean tabletop is reserved for water cups, snack trays, etc. The semi-open storage method is slightly less private. Pay attention to the type of storage items.