Marble coffee table assortment

- Feb 01, 2020-

Microwave detection smart coffee table

The microwave-detected highly intelligent coffee table is an indispensable part of the development of future smart homes. Its working principle is to use the Doppler principle of electromagnetic waves. When a certain frequency wave hits an obstacle, a part of the wave will be reflected back. If the obstacle is stationary, the wavelength of the reflected wave is constant. If the obstacle is active, the reflected wave will change in length, which means a change in frequency. Using the change of human activity, the microwave sensor obtains a signal and initiates the relay and power-off effect. Usually set the human body to leave the sensing range, and automatically turn off the power after a delay of one minute to stop the electrical appliances in use. If you leave the site halfway and accidentally forget to turn off the heating device, or if children leave the site after misuse, they can not only control the waste of power resources, but also damage the electrical appliances in the light, and cause a fire, which can cause property damage and casualties. Get more effective. The technology product of the utility model has the advantages of high technology content, strong reliability, safety and convenience, intelligent energy saving, and new technology products that can truly reduce hidden dangers.

Invisible pot water marble coffee table

Invisible water pot with multifunctional natural stone surface coffee table, where people can't see the stove, they can directly boil water in the specified range. Concise, hygienic, safe and practical! The boiling water control system is intelligent. It defaults to boiling water when it is turned on. It can automatically enter the heat preservation work. It can also perform manual heat preservation halfway. The microcomputer detects that it is automatically turned off after 30 seconds from the pot.

Pure natural marble surface with unique natural patterns and colors. Its stone surface is natural, elegant, noble, compact structure, texture like jade, bright color, easy to clean, antifouling, antibacterial, sanitary non-toxic, wear-resistant, heat-resistant , Impact resistance! Coupled with its non-renewable extraordinary value-added ability, it is treasured by people around the world.

Advantages of pure natural marble surface: It adopts the traditional manual polishing process, and avoids many manufacturers using the polyester rubber surface process. Due to weather changes, chemistry, and temperature differences, the rubber surface causes delamination, foaming, discoloration, etc. Such ills are commonplace! The art of pure natural marble tea tray: It is a combination of traditional and subtle creativity in the original stone surface. The tea tray used as a tea-making area has a hidden design for drainage. The overall display is elegant and beautiful, simple and sanitary, and the drainage is smoother. The plug tube, compared with the existing new multifunctional coffee table, has the traditional cultural expression as a whole. The tea plate is integrated with the coffee table. With the design of invisible water boiling, the technology is higher and more advanced, the installation is simple, and the creativity is advanced. [Remarks]: In order not to waste power resources and avoid unnecessary trouble and loss, after the water pot is turned on, it must be turned off or switched to the thermal insulation state. After brewing, the high-temperature kettle is returned to the designated position in the water pot. Water dry roast