Living room sofa L-shaped pendulum

- Oct 22, 2019-

Living room sofa L-shaped pendulum

The L-shaped swing of the sofa is a common form of living room furniture. The three-seat sofa and the double sofa form an L-shaped, or three-seat sofa plus two single-foot bath sofas and other changes, so that the living room is colorful.

1. Suitable for sitting in the living room

I hope that the living room can have a feeling that the whole family can sit around watching TV, or that many friends sit around and talk loudly. The living room leisure furniture that can bring a sense of convergence is worth trying.

This kind of enclosed furniture with a large sofa as the main body and two single armchairs or armrest sofas not only has a variety of changes in the choice of furniture, but also fixes the position of the main sofa, and this The position of the two auxiliary sofas (chairs) can be placed at multiple angles, as long as a feeling of gathering and enclosing is formed. The living room with a large floor-to-ceiling window is the most suitable for this type of placement, and the regular and unobtrusive placement is suitable for families of a certain age.

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2. The whole enclosure method is suitable for those who often call friends and friends to sit around at home and talk loudly. Because furniture is placed on all sides, the form and variety of furniture changes are very much. For example, a three-person/double sofa, a single armrest sofa, an armchair, a recliner, a couch, a low-side cabinet, etc. can be used as needed according to actual needs, as long as the final pattern can form a square.

With a sofa, a single chair, a single electric foot bath sofa, and a sitting area surrounded by a pier, the large living room and the large living room can accommodate. The choice of furniture depends entirely on the size of the space and does not have to be restrained.

3. Suitable for the sitting type of the living room (decoration rendering) with no TV status

The way to place two sofas is not very common, but in fact it is a good way to put it, especially for the living room of more and more people who don't like watching TV. And the living room with different size can be adapted by changing the size of the sofa.

4. Long-shaped living room L-shaped sofa placed way

The layout of the long living room, according to the actual length of the living room, choose a double or three-seat sofa, and then choose a single armrest sofa or a double armrest sofa according to the actual width of the living room. The coffee table is best to choose a rectangular shape, and the side and the parts can be flexibly selected or not. The double sofa can choose this small L shape, and then reduce the size of the coffee table, so that the space occupied does not change, but more comfortable.

Usually the equal L-shaped pattern on both sides is most suitable for the living room facing south or east, receiving a lot of sunlight, and breaking the rules of the square space. The position of the three-seat sofa and the double sofa can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the living room. You can also not use two on the side. One is replaced by the landing clock in the picture. Others such as floor lamps and large plants can be used.

The L-shaped arrangement of a three-seat sofa plus a double sofa is the most common. If you like to enjoy the sun, then you will have a three-seat sofa facing the living room window. If you like watching TV, then you will face the TV.

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