Leather sofa or cloth sofa?

- Oct 18, 2019-

Leather sofa or cloth sofa?

Many friends have different opinions on the decoration of their new home. For example, when buying a sofa, some insist on buying fabric, which is cheap and reasonable, while others insist on buying genuine leather, which is put in the air at home. Is it better to buy leather sofa or fabric sofa?

First of all, it should be explained that these two are really different. It is impossible to say who is good and who is not. This article focuses on the comparison of the different characteristics of the two, which ultimately depends on the final needs of your buyers.

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I. in terms of style

Leather sofa is elegant and elegant, high-end style. Leather sofa is luxurious, calm and dignified in both modeling and fabric, especially in the spacious living room. Putting such sofa will improve the quality of the whole room, and the choice and style of fabric color will be less than fabric sofa.

Fabric sofa is light and soft, fashionable and colorful, which is very suitable for the taste of young people. There are many kinds of fabrics for fabric sofa, such as silk and satin, which are elegant and luxurious, giving people a magnificent feeling; the sofa made of coarse hemp and corduroy is solid and thick. And the design is mostly fashionable and avant-garde, novel and full of personality.

Summary: if you pay attention to the high-grade style and noble style, you can choose leather sofa. If you pay more attention to individuality and modern fashion, you can consider choosing fabric sofa.

II. In terms of Technology

Generally speaking, the processing technology of leather sofa is very tedious and complex, which needs to go through many processes, many of which are purely handmade. The quality is naturally first-class. In comparison, fabric sofa technology is relatively simple. More mechanized production. Summary: if you pay more attention to process quality and details, you can choose leather sofa. Otherwise, you can consider fabric sofa.

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III. in terms of price

Due to raw materials, technology and other factors, leather sofa is relatively more expensive. A set of full leather sofa costs 10 cattle's cowhide, and the technology is various, the price is naturally high. Fabric sofa is relatively cheap. Summary: if you pay more attention to cost performance, you can consider fabric sofa. Otherwise consider leather sofa.

IV. maintenance convenience

Fabric sofa is easy to clean. Take it down and send it to the dry cleaner for cleaning. Some big brands can also call the manufacturer's after-sales service phone and install the sofa cover on the door. When buying, you can consider matching another set of sofa covers of the same style, with different colors and two sets for replacement, that is, two sets of sofas. Leather sofa maintenance to be relatively troublesome, especially pay attention not to make scratches, or stained. And if there are children at home, they may scratch on it if they don't pay attention. Leather sofa should pay more attention to daily maintenance than fabric sofa. Summary: if you want to be more worry free, you can consider fabric sofa. If you are not worried about the trouble of maintenance, consider the leather sofa.

V. in terms of service life

Although the leather sofa is generally expensive, there is no doubt that its service life is long. The superior leather sofa is exquisite in craftsmanship and of high grade; while the service life of fabric sofa is relatively short, which is not popular in a few years, so we need to buy new ones, but its price is relatively cheap. Summary: you must first make clear your own focus and needs, economic strength, family decoration style and future maintenance status to make the right choice.

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