Is there any difference between MDF and solid wood furniture

- Jun 04, 2020-

Is there any difference between MDF and solid wood particleboard in home furniture materials?

Nail holding force and load bearing:

MDF is made by grinding zhi logs into fibers, and the log structure is more seriously damaged; while solid wood particle boards are crushed logs into particles, and the log structure is less damaged. It can be seen that solid wood particle boards are stronger than MDF.

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1. Environmental protection:

The glue used in the production process of the two is the same, but because the MDF is fibrous, usually in the amount of adhesive, the MDF uses more glue than the solid wood particle board; when making fiberboard, The process is not allowed to undergo dehydration treatment, and when the solid wood particle board is pressed, it must first undergo dehydration treatment. During the dehydration process, most of the formaldehyde will be chemically reacted, leaving only a small amount of free formaldehyde.

Relatively speaking, solid wood particle board is more environmentally friendly.

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2. Moisture resistance:

Because the MDF has a high glue content and less internal space structure, the moisture resistance is poor. Put a solid wood particle board and a MDF into the water at the same time. After h, you can obviously see that the MDF is raised around and the solid wood The particle board is intact.

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3. Plasticity:

Because the MDF is fibrous, it is beneficial for the machine to make sculptures, moldings, radians, etc. This is why the current molded door panels and European-style lines on the market are all MDFs. The base material of solid wood particle board is granular, so it is not easy to engrave and mold.

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