How to use the side table to make the small living room appear larger?

- Jun 08, 2020-

How to use the side table to make the small living room appear larger

1. Reduce complexity to simplicity

Small family decoration should be simple and clear. It is not suitable to discard some unnecessary things, such as heavy furniture, etc. The decoration of the living room can achieve a "look to the end", so as to make the space more transparent and feel more spatial psychologically.

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2. Color key

The simpler the color, the more open the space will be, and the color will be crowded if it is too messy, the warm color will be more visual, and the cold color will be more spacious.

3. Make good use of space

The layout of small family size also takes full use of the area, and the corners can also be cleverly used, with some colors, home styles, curtains and other different styles to distinguish space, to meet the function of home use.

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4. Choose furniture skillfully

The selection of furniture for small family size needs skills. Some furniture with simple shape, light texture, small size, random combination and disassembly, and powerful storage function are suitable for small family size.

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