How to maintain and clean the leather sofa, leather couch, leather corner sofa

- Oct 17, 2019-

How to maintain and clean the leather sofa, leather couch, leather corner sofa

Leather sofas need to be maintained and maintained. If it is not cleaned and maintained for a long time, it will fade and the gloss will be dull. It will look bad and the service life will be shortened. So, how to maintain and scrub? Pay attention to the following aspects.

For the newly purchased leather sofa, after it is placed, it should be cleaned and maintained first. Wet the soft cloth with warm water, wipe the surface of the sofa, and then gently wipe it with the maintenance agent to form a protective film. Antifouling effect.


Leather sofas must be routinely maintained and should be inspected and cleaned regularly. When cleaning, wipe off the dust on the sofa with a soft cloth, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Be careful not to rub it hard to avoid damage to the sofa leather. It is also best to clean and maintain the sofa with a cleaning paste and a maintenance agent every few months.

For minor dirt. If the leather sofa is slightly polluted, it is not necessary to do special cleaning and maintenance. Wipe the dust with a soft cloth, then gently wipe the contaminated area with a washing solution or soapy water.

For heavier pollution. If the leather sofa is seriously polluted, it is necessary to use a special cleaning agent for the leather sofa to clean the paste cleaner. It should be noted that when using these utensils, it is best to do some tests on the back side to avoid fading of the cortex and stain the sofa.

For paintings, oil stains. If the child in the family left a handwriting on the leather sofa, try wiping it with a rubber and then wiping it with a soft, semi-dry cloth. If you get greased, clean it with detergent and wipe it off. I also heard that there is a protein solution, which is very good for cleaning leather sofas.

For scratches. If the leather sofa is unfortunately scratched, or if there is a small crack, you can use the egg to match the color of the corresponding color repeatedly, and then dry it or blow it with a hair dryer before applying the polish; or stick it with glue. Tips: Try to avoid scratching, or if it breaks, how to deal with it is not the same.


Against the sun. If the leather sofa is exposed to the sun, it will inevitably cause the color of the sofa to appear chromatic aberration. If this is necessary, you can consider changing the face or position of the sofa over a period of time, and you have to change the environment.

For sticky substances. If the leather sofa is accidentally put on things like candy and glue, it is very difficult to remove it, so don't rush to it. then what should we do? Try to cool it with an ice pack first, then gently wipe it with a silk cloth, it is generally better to remove it.

Protection after cleaning. No matter what the situation or which cleaning method is used, as long as it is cleaned and cleaned up, the maintenance agent or protective liquid, glazing agent or the like should be used in time to prevent leather sofa, leather couch, leather corner sofa leather from aging and tarnishing.