How to identify genuine leather sofa

- Feb 03, 2020-


If you want to buy a leather sofa, how to identify true and false is one of the topics that first buyers are most concerned about. Leather sofas with similar styles on the market, but the prices are quite different, I believe most consumers will feel it. Due to the continuous progress of the process, the workmanship of some artificial leathers is almost exactly the same as that of full leather, and there is basically no difference with the naked eye. How to identify the authenticity of a leather sofa? Xuanyi sofa has sorted out several methods to identify the authenticity of the leather sofa. There are two kinds of fabrics for leather sofas, one is full leather (that is, the first layer of leather), and the other is half leather (that is, two layers of leather). Although they are called scalp skins, their prices still vary widely. The following four points will help you when choosing a leather sofa.

I smell the smell

  The higher the grade of leather, the higher the environmental protection factor. Because of its natural nature, few chemical materials are used in the finished product process, so the smell is relatively soft. The smell of the second layer of leather will be more sultry. The domestic first layer of yellow leather has a faint odor, and the imported first layer of yellow leather has no odor.

Second trick: look good

The breadth of the skin of the first layer is larger, with a diameter of more than 3m, and the leather surface is uniform without burdock or knife wounds. The diameter of the second-layer leather is about 2m to 2.5m, and the leather is mostly stinging.

The third trick: tear resistance

According to relevant requirements, the tear resistance of genuine leather materials should be 40 kg / cm2. Specifically, two-layer leather scissors have a small mouth of about one centimeter, which can be easily torn by adults; the first layer of yellow leather shears has the same size of small mouth, and it takes a lot of strength for male men to tear.

The fourth trick: try to fade

The second layer of skin is unevenly stained and easy to fade. Repeatedly wipe the leather surface 20 times with alcohol cotton, the first layer of skin will not fall in color, the skin color, back color and section color are all the same; the second layer of leather will appear discolored, and the back color and section color will be white.

    Whether the leather sofa uses the first layer of yellow leather or the second layer of leather, the differences in feel and quality are very large, and the cost can be described as one heaven and one underground. In the assortment of product sofa stores, leather sofas and fake leather sofas co-exist, good leather sofas and sub-leather sofas coexist. I hope that bad businessmen will find out the conscience and tell you the specific leather truthfully.