How to eliminate the smell of new furniture quickly?

- Dec 13, 2019-

How to eliminate the smell of new furniture quickly?

The smell of newly bought furniture is mainly the smell of formaldehyde. Air fresheners can be used to quickly eliminate it, but they will not cure the symptoms.

The following methods can be used for complete elimination of formaldehyde:

I. It is a simple and effective method to keep indoor ventilation and exhaust harmful gases to the outside through the air flow. The disadvantage is that the formaldehyde release cycle is relatively long.

2. Adsorption of activated carbon. The initial use of activated carbon really has effect, because the pores have adsorption potential, and some dry charcoal and grapefruit peel can be put.

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3. Put some leafy plants in the room, such as Chlorophytum, green pineapple, ivy, tiger tail orchid, aloe, etc., which have certain functions in absorbing formaldehyde.

4. It is a fact that water, vinegar, bubble water and formaldehyde are easily soluble in water, water, alcohol and ether. Free formaldehyde in the air will dissolve in water when it meets water during its movement, which is basically the same as the adsorption principle of activated carbon.

5. Odor absorption: put tea dregs, grapefruit peel, onion slices, pineapple pieces, etc. in the newly decorated room or fumigate the whole room with white vinegar. Use some local methods to absorb and mix the taste to deceive people. Of course, put some onion slices and pineapple pieces in some small spaces of furniture, such as drawers and closets, to absorb formaldehyde in some small spaces. At the same time, it can also cover up some formaldehyde taste with the aroma of fruit.

6. Photocatalyst decomposition method: under the stimulation of light, the catalyst in photocatalyst generates negative ions and oxyhydrogen radicals with oxygen and water in the air, which can oxidize and decompose various organic and inorganic pollutants, and finally degrade into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide, water and corresponding acids, so as to achieve the function of decomposition of pollutants and purification of air. Formaldehyde is released slowly, which requires long-term preparation.