how to distinguish true and false solid wood furniture

- Nov 13, 2019-

Teach you how to distinguish true and false solid wood furniture

Many people like solid wood furniture when they decorate, but the solid wood furniture on the market is mixed, the variety is varied, and the quality is different.

There are three types of “fake solid wood” that are common in the market.

The first category is the most common: a layer of solid wood veneer on the surface of the furniture, very similar to solid wood furniture from the surface, but the service life is shorter than solid wood furniture. This is one of the most common methods of forgery and is relatively easy to identify. Due to the veneer, the wood grain on the surface of the furniture is clear but irregular, and the texture of the front and back of the furniture cannot correspond.

The second type of practice is as follows: the "finger-jointed board" made up of deep-processed solid wood blocks is used as the base material of pure solid wood furniture, and then it is more deceptive in the appearance of solid wood veneer. Some merchants sell the so-called pure solid wood furniture in the name of certain valuable wood furniture. In fact, the auxiliary materials use another relatively cheap wood.

The third category is the counterfeiting practice in the market where the tricks are higher and the consumers can hardly find it: the front and back finger joints of this type of furniture are completely different, even the position of the finger joints is not corresponding. The processing trick is wood. The front and back sides are thin finger joints, while the center of the board is made of various plywood or various waste wood.

Whether it is a furniture person or a consumer, you should be vigilant and master the identification skills of solid wood furniture. Today Xiaobian comes to a comprehensive analysis of solid wood furniture.

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1. What are the classification of solid wood furniture?

The two concepts of “all solid wood” and “pure solid wood” circulating in the market are often confusing, and even the sales staff of furniture stores will be ambiguous. First of all, we must understand the concept of the two:

Solid wood furniture:

Generally refers to the furniture that uses a certain tree species as the main material, corners and other inconspicuous parts with other cheaper tree species, or solid wood boards. According to the new edition of "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" on May 1, 2009, furniture components must reach more than 70% of the solid wood standard to be called solid wood furniture.

Of course, the price of furniture made of different woods is also very different. The most expensive all-solid wood furniture is definitely mahogany, and the price of tens of thousands to millions is possible. Oak, walnut, cherry, etc. are relatively high-grade; ash, eucalyptus, and birch are medium; rubber, pine, and fir are generally the cheapest.

100% solid wood furniture

It means that all materials are made from furniture of the same tree species. This kind of furniture refers to 100% solid wood, without the use of MDF and solid wood particle board. This kind of furniture is very rare. In addition to the high-priced mahogany furniture, it is generally all solid wood furniture mixed with main materials.

Board wood combined furniture

The wood furniture refers to the structure of the furniture using solid wood frame, the surface part is made of various density boards, and the contact surface is made of various exquisite solid wood veneer and made of wood and wood.

The combination of board and wood just takes into account the characteristics of the solid wood can withstand the gravity and the deformation of the MDF, and the cost is relatively cheap. All solid wood furniture can adapt to different climates such as dryness or humidity because of the combination of wood and wood, and it is more solid wood furniture in practicality.


How to judge the true and false of solid wood furniture?

Smell smell:

High-quality solid wood homes have a good smell of wood, pine has a rosin taste, and eucalyptus has a distinct camphor taste, but fiberboard and MDF generally have a strong pungent odor, especially in cabinet doors or drawers. . Be sure to open the drawer and the door when you buy it.

Look at the surface:

To observe the pros and cons of wood, the main stress-bearing parts of the furniture, such as the uprights, should not have large thrift or cracks. Moreover, the front and back of the wood grain are consistent. If it is skinned furniture, the reverse texture is not the same, very good judgment.

Judging tree species:

Solid wood furniture currently on the market usually uses eucalyptus, white oak, ash, eucalyptus, rubber wood, eucalyptus and the like. Tree species directly affect prices and quality, the price of wood is increasing, and it is absolutely cheap to be too cheap.

Imitation wood furniture (that is, furniture combined with wood and wood)

The imitation of solid wood furniture looks like the natural texture, feel and color of wood. It is the same as solid wood furniture, but it is actually a mixture of solid wood and other materials. When buying, ask where to use the MDF, knock on the wooden surface with your hand, the sound of solid wood furniture is crisper, and the sound of the artificial board is low.

Now, should you have a general understanding of the choice of solid wood furniture? Whether it is a furniture person or a consumer, only by understanding the common sense of these furniture can you be more confident in selling and selecting furniture, and it is easier to choose a solid wood furniture that is genuine and satisfying.

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