How to distinguish leather

- Oct 17, 2019-

How to distinguish leather

Leather goods are very important in daily life. For example, in our dining room chairs, sofas, beds, chaise lounge chair, sectional sofas and kitchen chairs, it plays a very important role. So how do you distinguish the cortical type? We will explain here.

Because the dermis is the skin of animals, it is all with sweaty eyes and lines. And when you press it, there will be lines that appear when you press the skin. You can try it with your own hands.


Smell the smell

Leather is good, other skins are good, there will be a special taste, people who go to the shoe store often, will be very familiar. The products of pu products or pu components often have a rubbery taste.

Look at flexibility

The rebound elasticity of the dermis is very good, this is much more contrasting. And when you press it, there will be lines that appear when you press the skin.

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Cut a little bit of material and burn it with fire. The leather will have a burning hair.

Blowing, dripping

Since the dermis is animal skin, it has strong air permeability and water permeability. Blow it, or drop a little water on the back, the leather can be absorbed. Pu, as a water-repellent chemical material, does not absorb water.

Carefully choose the leather that suits your style, and the pattern will make your furniture dining room chairs, sofas, beds, chaise lounge chair, sectional sofas and kitchen chairs more fashionable.