How To Choose Solid Wood Dining Table And Chairs

- Jul 12, 2019-

1, the choice of solid wood furniture must first check whether the structure is firm, can be pushed longitudinally, hand pressure and other methods of testing.


2, when you buy one meter away, observe each place that should be the same color, whether the color is the same, if it is inconsistent, it is a color difference.




3, the surface of the treatment should be from the details, such as joints, back bends, the joint is tight, whether it is consistent with the positive effect.


4, in case of lines or special-shaped styles, you can see if there is any unevenness in the light, whether the lines are smooth, the surface paint is uniform, the hand touch is smooth, there is no burr and other problems, and the color is found in a group , that is, the color is not uniform, the surface has a small circle, etc., is a process of imperfect products, must observe the light.




5, where the hardware is connected, check whether the hardware and wood are reasonable. If the process is not good, there are often paint on the hardware, there are scars on the wood, or there is a problem on the solid.