How to choose a sofa?

- Jun 10, 2020-

How to choose a sofa?

1. Frame quality

Repeatedly shake the whole sofa from front to back, left and right. If you feel that Zhi is better, it means that the frame is firm. Open one corner of the bottom cloth under the seat to check, if it is made of clean and clean hardwood without decayed, moth eaten, scar, bark or wood wool, and the joint between the material and the material is made of mortise or notched joint without nail, there is no problem.

Microfiber Sectional Couch

2. See the quality of inner cushion

It mainly refers to sponge, which can be divided into three types according to elasticity: high elasticity, high elasticity, super softness and hit. Bullet in sponge is generally used for backrest and handrail, high elastic and high elastic super soft sponge is used for seat, and set sponge or set gel material is added to stabilize its shape. You have to sit down and feel the comfort.

3. Leather

Sofa to choose face. The face should be rich and glossy, without scars, and the texture and lines should be fine. Hold a place with the tip of your finger and pull it upward. It should feel flexible and powerful. After sitting, the wrinkles can disappear or not be obvious after finishing, which is superior.

Couch And Loveseat

4. Materials

Sofa has high value, good ventilation and environmental protection performance. PU leather or artificial leather PVC is used to replace leather in the back, bottom and other concealed parts of the sofa, but the direct contact part of the human body is still of high value, thus reducing the cost of the sofa, which is more economical.

5. Look at the seam

The stitching of high-quality sofa is of fine workmanship, and there is no disconnection, jumper and other phenomena.

Leather Sofa And Loveseat

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