How to choose a marble dining table?

- Sep 20, 2019-

1, listen to the sound

When looking at a table made of fine marble, the sound we made when we knocked it by hand was crisp and pleasing, but the texture of the marble table was rude.

2, look at the material

As a marble product, one of the important factors affecting the price of marble tables is his material. Most of the marble tables on the market are artificial stone, so the price of artificial marble is relatively cheaper, and it can fully meet the needs of the restaurant, which can play a role in adding color to the restaurant. The so-called material depends not only on the marble tabletop, but also on the materials of other parts of the marble table. It is high-quality wood or ordinary plastic, which requires special attention when purchasing. In general, the fine marble has a uniform fine structure of stone, which looks very textured. Pay special attention to the image of cracks in the stone. Once you find that there is such a picture in the inside, you must remove it, because it is easy to break, but the crack and the pattern should be distinguished.

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