How to choose a lounge chair?

- Jun 09, 2020-

How to choose a lounge chair?

Lounge chair has a very long history. In ancient times, some dignitaries liked it very much. Now, ordinary families will have lounge chair. After tired, lying on the lounge chair can relax your body and mind.

1. Look at the weight

The quality core of the lounge chair lies in the main frame structure, which is usually made of steel pipe. The quality of steel pipe can be seen when buying the lounge chair. When the steel pipe quality is good, the structure of the lounge chair will be firm. The simplest identification method is to see the weight of the lounge chair, which is heavier, indicating that the steel pipe is solid and of good quality.

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2. Look at the material

In order to make the lounge chair reach enough weight, some businesses will use some waste materials or small sections of pipes to plug into the steel pipe, so as to increase the weight of the lounge chair. In this case, the buyer needs to pay more attention to the link of the lounge chair, and can see these defective products.

3. Look at technology

In order to make the lounge chair look better, businesses will use the steel pipe surface treated by spray molding process, which can make the steel pipe surface hard, wear-resistant and glossy. The surface of the steel pipe with the technology of baking paint is easy to produce scratches, which leads to oxidation rust and no luster.

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4. Look at the details

Different brands of lounge chair pay attention to different detail positions, and the equipment and technical equipment will also be different. This mainly depends on some details of the lounge chair, such as whether the steel pipe is rough and burr, whether the movable joint of the steel pipe has arc treatment, etc.

Summary: the lounge chair can provide people with a comfortable rest atmosphere, so pay more attention to the quality of the lounge chair before purchase, and do not affect their rest due to quality problems.

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