How to choose a good solid wood dining table?

- Nov 15, 2019-

How to choose a good solid wood dining table?

A good set of dining tables and chairs can not only increase the value of the home decoration, but also improve the dining atmosphere. But how to choose a good solid wood dining table, many netizens are instantly forced, not a set of dining tables and chairs, what can be done? ? Today, Xiaobei said that the dining table and chair, this is about the money you buy at the table, whether it is worth the price.

How to choose a good solid wood dining table?

1, look at the appearance

Whether the surface paint film of the solid wood dining table is smooth and bright, and whether there are quality defects such as bubbles, wrinkles, and broken parts; whether the sealing treatment of each part is strict and straight, whether there is degumming, whether the surface is smooth and flat, and whether there is bump or not. Also depends on whether the color difference of the desktop board is large. If it is solid wood, there will be a certain color difference, and the pattern is consistent. It is difficult for the solid wood to be consistent, unless the middle section of the whole tree is taken, but there is almost no such possibility.

2. See the craft

The solid wood dining table and chair work is not fine, you can observe from the combination part, check whether the structure of the solid wood dining table and chair is reasonable, and whether the frame is correct and firm. For the overall structure of the furniture, each connection point, including the connection points between the horizontal and vertical, must be tight, no gaps, and no looseness. Gently push it by hand. If there is a sway or a squeaking sound, the structure is not firm. The service life of a piece of furniture has a close relationship with the high quality of the hardware connector. The tightness of the hardware itself determines the overall fit of the furniture.

3. Size

Furniture is not only beautiful, but more important is practical. Whether the size of the furniture is ergonomic and whether it meets the specified size determines whether the furniture is convenient to use. The height of the dining table is at least 80cm and the maximum is 85cm. Dining chair 45-48cm. The dining table and dining chair are proportional, the table is a little higher, and the chair is higher.

4. See environmental protection

The solid wood dining table is deeply loved by consumers because of its natural material, environmental protection and health. When purchasing a solid wood dining table, from the environmental point of view, the coating process can use varnish or wood wax oil. Varnish and wood wax oil are suitable for all kinds of solid wood materials, and wood wax oil is higher in environmental protection grade than varnish.


5. Functionality

Before buying a solid wood dining table, we need to determine how big our dining area is, so that we can better determine the size and shape of the solid wood dining table. The long solid wood dining table is more demanding for the dining area, and the round one feels relatively smaller. Irregular is smaller, more suitable for two people, folding is not so much requirements, more flexible.

6. Style

When buying a solid wood dining table, we should also decide on the overall style of our restaurant decoration. For example: simple light wood color, often used for Nordic, Japanese, wood wind, the table is also more light and thin in the design. Deep wood color, suitable for simple, modern Chinese, retro Chinese, mix and match, etc., the design will be thicker. Corresponding to the positioning of the entire home decoration style, to choose a solid wood dining table, I believe that your restaurant will be a landscape.

7. Material selection

Solid wood dining table As a special-purpose furniture in the specific environment of the restaurant, in principle, materials with anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance, easy cleaning and heat resistance should be selected. The recommended wood is in accordance with this idea.

Ash: Ash is one of the materials not to be missed. Ash has a slightly harder texture, straight texture, thick structure, beautiful pattern, good corrosion resistance and water resistance, easy processing but not easy to dry, toughness, glued, paint It has good coloring performance and good decorative performance. It is currently used in furniture and interior decoration. Price: The price of ash table is about 3k~5k, and a set of ash table, including 6~8 chairs. (for reference only)

Birch: The use of birch in the solid wood dining table is very extensive. The birch table has the advantages of bright color, good stability and good elasticity. Birch annual rings are obvious, the texture is straight and obvious, the material structure is not only delicate, soft and shiny, the texture is soft, the furniture made of birch is smooth and wearable, the pattern is also very clear, and the processing performance is good, the cutting surface is particularly smooth. , paint and glue is strong. In view of the good mechanical strength of birch, the elasticity is better, and the annual rings are more obvious. The furniture made of birch as raw material has the advantages of lubrication and wear resistance. Price: The birch table price is cheaper than the ash table, and the price is around 3k~5k.

8, maintenance

As we all know, solid wood furniture should be more painstaking in terms of maintenance. It is not only necessary to understand the material, but also to buy it and take good care of it. Wipe the dust with a clean soft cloth. Do not use chemical brighteners to avoid damage to the paint film on the surface of the table. Remember to add insulation when you put hot dishes. During the season change, in the winter, the solid wood dining table is placed near the heating. In the drier environment in summer, artificial humidification measures are needed to supplement the excessive moisture loss of the table, such as after using soft cloth. Wipe the furniture to prevent the wood from cracking due to being too dry. Do not violently drag the solid wood table to avoid loosening the overall structure.