How to choose a comfortable chair

- Mar 14, 2020-

How to choose a comfortable chair?

With the emergence of SOHO and shared office space, the office environment has already broken through the tradition, and these office chairs can not meet the new needs, especially many freelancers, enjoy the freedom of working at home and in the coffee shop. The artificial king also sits for a long time to work, has the request to the chair quite. So what kind of chair is comfortable? Chair cushion and backrest, this is the key.


First look at the cushion:

Cushion, also mesh A kind of Some sponges are hard to use. The main reason is that there are few cushions with sponge density that can meet the standard. The mesh is also a rough material. In summer, some girls will often find that sitting on the swivel chair in shorts or skirts will leave unsightly mesh marks on their legs, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, some friends will buy thick comfortable ones Put the cushion on it.

The cushion sponge of the chair should be 145m m thick. The sponge density should be about 55kg / m3, and the rebound rate of the sponge should be between 60-65%. This softness is moderate. It will not affect the comfort because it is too hard, nor will it cause rapid fatigue because it is too soft. It can be supported from the hip to the knee socket, so that you can sit for a long time without tiredness, sitting for a long time without collapse. However, it is common on the market now The thickness and density of seat cushions are far from this standard.


Look at the backrest:

Another key point to judge a chair is the back. The fit between the back and the back is the main factor to determine the comfort. Generally, the swivel chair is made of mesh material. Although the material has good air permeability, it is not suitable to be disassembled and washed. It is too hard and easy to deform. It does not use rebound force. It has no protective effect on human lumbar vertebrae and tailbone (Aeron, Herman Except for Mille and other structural supports), you can see that many friends who use swivel chairs have to add a large soft pillow on it, because the lumbar support is not enough.

A comfortable chair can completely wrap and support the whole back of the waist. The filling sponge of the back of the chair should preferably be a 145mm thick sponge with high rebound. The shape of the sponge should also have requirements, preferably three-way bending, which can closely fit the curvature of the back of the waist, completely wrap and support the back of the waist, so as to sit for a long time without tiredness.


Finally, the beauty value:

When choosing comfortable chairs, beauty is also an important factor. After all, you plan to get along with it for a long time, whether at work or at home, so it's very important to choose a nice chair that is easy to dismantle and clean. For example, the dining chairs with arms for elderly commonly seen in the market is used by many companies for office chairs, and many Internet bars also buy this chair, which is nicknamed "Internet bar chair", which is a kind of chair that is inconvenient to dismantle and clean.