How to choose a bar chair

- Jun 09, 2020-

How to choose a bar chair

The shape of the bar chair is similar to that of the ordinary chair, but the seat surface is higher from the ground. Generally, the seat surface of the bar chair is 650-900mm above the ground. The bar chair is generally modern and metal, and can rotate 360 degrees. The bar chair can be divided into pneumatic lifting bar chair, spiral lifting bar chair, fixed bar chair, etc. according to the use performance.

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When choosing a bar chair, you can choose according to the following two points:

The first thing to look at is the comfort of the bar chair. A chair, in addition to its excellent quality, also requires comfortable sitting, so the cushion is extremely important. It can not only keep its elasticity and not be easily deformed, but also because the muscle is extremely important to support the body, so a good cushion naturally needs to give proper support to the body, so as to reduce fatigue. Therefore, choose a comfortable bar chair, must match with a comfortable cushion.

The chair seat must conform to the three-dimensional curved surface of human body curve: curved chair seat can increase the contact area between the bottom of thigh and hip and chair seat, so as to avoid forward sliding when sitting. In addition, the round seat design can also reduce the friction and contact on the inner side of knee joint, which is of great benefit to health.

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Finally, we should take a closer look at the fast, light and accurate height adjustment device of the bar chair. Personal needs for height are different, but because the height of the table is fixed, whether the chair can adjust the height well becomes one of the very important conditions, because too high a chair will make the user's feet hang in the air, compress the blood vessels in this part, resulting in poor blood circulation and sitting posture, but too low a chair will also reduce the contact surface between the chair and the body The pressure is all concentrated near the ischial tubercle. The small angle between the thigh and trunk will also compress the internal organs. The most important thing is that the chair too low will make the desktop appear too high. The hands must be lifted slightly to be placed on the desktop, which will certainly cause shoulder and arm pain. Generally speaking, the current height adjustment devices are air pressure type, which can be adjusted easily and with high accuracy. You may as well try to sit and have a look when purchasing.

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